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Introducing CDIE

CDIE (China Digital Innovation Expo) is a premier platform dedicated to showcasing the forefront of digital innovation. The latest edition, held from September 5th to 6th, 2023, marked the triumphant conclusion of the 9th CDIE held at the Shanghai Zhangjiang Science Hall. 

With a duration spanning two days, the event attracted 3500 attendees, 150 distinguished speakers, and 100 exhibitors, collectively providing a dynamic platform for brand executives, business leaders, technology pioneers, and solution providers in the digital domain. Year after year, CDIE remains instrumental in capturing the pulse of Chinese enterprises' global expansion strategies and the broader trends in digital innovation across the Asia-Pacific region.


Building upon the success of CDIE, we proudly announce the inaugural edition of ADIE (Asia-Pacific Digital Innovation Expo) in 2024. 

Under the banner of "Smart Future Together", ADIE heralds a new era of digital innovation, poised to redefine the landscape of the Asia-Pacific region. As the torchbearer of digital transformation, ADIE invites you to embark on a transformative journey, bridging continents and fostering collaboration to unlock the full potential of digital excellence.


Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the remarkable initiatives and opportunities presented at ADIE, where innovation converges with opportunity to shape the future of digital evolution.

ADIE - Fireside Chat

The Fireside Chat at ADIE provided attendees with a unique opportunity to delve into the vision and mission of the expo with Ryan Yang, Founder of CDIE & ADIE, and CEO of Dot Connector. Hosted by Eric, the conversation focused on key topics shaping the digital landscape in the Asia Pacific region.
Ryan Yang shared insights into his background and the mission of Dot Connector, emphasizing the importance of collaboration in driving digital transformation. 

He highlighted the role of ADIE in fostering partnerships and innovation across China and ASEAN countries, envisioning a future where collective efforts propel the region towards success in the AI era.
Acknowledging the invaluable support of sponsors, Ryan expressed gratitude to all attendees for their contributions to such a success of ADIE. With Ryan's departure, the stage was set for an inspiring day ahead, filled with engaging presentations and dynamic discussions on digital innovation.
The Fireside Chat served as a catalyst for collaboration and idea exchange, setting the tone for an impactful and transformative experience at ADIE.

Unveiling the Future of Digital Innovation

Mark your calendars as the inaugural Asia-Pacific Digital Innovation Expo (ADIE) was unveiled at the prestigious Pan Pacific Hotel in Singapore from March 14th to March 15th. 

This landmark event proved to be a convergence of industry leaders, innovators, and visionaries, offering a platform to explore the latest trends, technologies, and opportunities shaping the digital landscape of the Asia-Pacific region.

Morning Keynote Session

The morning session at ADIE's main forum featured a lineup of esteemed speakers, each shedding light on crucial aspects of digital transformation:
1. Mark Rozario: Mark Rozario, Non-Executive Director of Petronas Gas Berhad, YTL Hospitality REIT and BPAM, and former CEO of GE Malaysia, brought invaluable insights into Southeast Asia's digitization landscape. His keynote, titled "Southeast Asia Digitization Development Collaboration, Investment Opportunities, & Market Analysis," delved into collaborative strategies, investment prospects, and market analysis crucial for navigating the region's digital ecosystem.

2. Damien Cummings: Damien Cummings, Chief of the Digital Strategy & Leadership practice at the National University of Singapore (NUS-ISS), explored the implications of generative AI on the future of work. His session, titled "Beyond the Hype: What Generative AI Means for the Future of Work," offered a pragmatic perspective on leveraging AI technologies to drive sustainable and meaningful outcomes in the workplace.

3. Kenneth Siow: Kenneth Siow, General Manager for Singapore/Malaysia and Regional Director for Tencent Cloud International, addressed the imperative of robust digital infrastructure in fostering growth amidst the digital age's complexities. With his presentation, "Navigating Growth in the Digital Age: The Importance of Secure, Fast, and Fraud-Proof Infrastructure," Siow emphasized the critical role of secure and agile infrastructure in enabling sustainable business expansion and innovation.

4. Kyo Wu: Kyo Wu, representing H&H Group, shared insights into digital transformation strategies tailored for the Chinese market. Under the theme "H&H Group China Market Digital Transformation Sharing," Kyo elucidated on successful approaches, challenges, and lessons learned from driving digital innovation in one of the world's most dynamic markets.


5. Wang Yoke Choo: Wang Yoke Choo, Regional Vice President of Tungsten Automation, spotlighted the transformative potential of AI in enhancing customer experiences. Through his session, "Enhancing Customer Experiences with AI," Yoke Choo showcased innovative AI-driven solutions aimed at revolutionizing customer engagement and satisfaction.


6. Panel Discussion: Nurturing Enterprise Resilience and Growth
In this insightful panel discussion, industry leaders explored strategies for nurturing resilience and driving growth within enterprises. Topics ranged from building resilience to driving innovation, optimizing supply chains, adapting to market changes, and embracing digital transformation. By exchanging expertise and experiences, the panelists provided valuable insights for navigating challenges and ensuring sustainable development in today's dynamic business landscape.

The esteemed panelists included:

Eric Wang: ADIE Advisory and Oversea Partner of Dot Connector
Clara Lee: Chief Data Science Practice at NUS
Jessica Li: APAC Director of Supply Chain at Johnson & Johnson
Dr. Sekar Jaganathan: Chief Business Officer at Kenanga Group
Saurabh Lal: Sr Director of Supply Chain Network at Kellanova
Bridge Song: Vice President of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International
Gorden Yu: Senior Director at UST

Afternoon Forum Session

As the afternoon unfolds, the forum session of ADIE continues to offer an array of insightful presentations from industry experts:
1. Hao Wu(Cubic): Hao Wu(Cubic), the Chief Information Officer of GOTO group Jakarta Indonesia, delved into the theme of "Seeing the Unseen." His presentation offered an overview of the current landscape and emerging trends in investing in and co-founding tech startups in Singapore and China, providing attendees with valuable insights into untapped opportunities and potential challenges.


2. Francois Teo: Francois Teo, Regional Sales Director at Freshworks, explored the fusion of IT and AI in creating a better workplace experience. Under the title "Bringing I.T. together with A.I. for a better workplace experience," The presentation of Francois showcased innovative approaches to enhancing productivity, collaboration, and employee satisfaction through AI-powered solutions.


3. Daniel CF Ng: Daniel CF Ng, the Managing Partner of Omni-Integra, delved into the transformative potential of generative AI in shaping the future of marketing. With his presentation titled "Generative AI: Crafting the Future of Marketing," Daniel offered insights into how AI-driven technologies are revolutionizing marketing strategies, enabling personalized customer experiences and driving business growth.


4. Dr. Siew Chan Cheong: Dr. Siew Chan Cheong, Group Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer at Maybank Group, shared valuable insights into successful digital transformations for multinational corporations and industry incumbents. Under the theme "Successful digital transformations for MNCs and incumbents – Maybank M25+ Transformation," Dr. Siew highlighted Maybank's journey towards digital excellence, offering key takeaways and best practices for organizations embarking on similar transformational journeys.


5. Frankie Shuai: Frankie Shuai's presentation focused on the critical issue of data privacy and security in Southeast Asia and India. As attendees explored the implications of evolving data protection regulations and emerging cybersecurity threats, Shuai's session provided valuable insights and practical strategies for safeguarding sensitive information in an increasingly connected world.


6. During the World Cafe session, Eric Wang, Advisory of ADIE and Overseas GM of Dot Connector, along with the esteemed attendees, engaged in a stimulating discussion on the theme "Go Global & Be Local" firstly. This topic delved into strategies for enterprises to expand their presence globally while maintaining a local approach, emphasizing the importance of cultural sensitivity and market adaptation in the digital age.
Next, James Lai, Chairman of the Malaysia IoT Association, led a dynamic conversation with the attendees on the topic "Practice in the Company with AIGC". Participants explored practical approaches and case studies on implementing Artificial Intelligence and Global Connectivity (AIGC) within their organizations, focusing on leveraging technology to enhance operational efficiency and drive innovation.
The afternoon session provided attendees with a wealth of knowledge and actionable insights, further enriching their ADIE experience and empowering them to navigate the complex digital landscape with confidence and resilience.

Alibaba Cloud CXO Nexus World Tour – 

Go Asia: Empowering Digital Transformation

The session of the Alibaba Cloud CXO Nexus World Tour, dedicated to Alibaba Cloud, has brought together a remarkable lineup of industry experts and thought leaders who have been at the forefront of harnessing AI and cloud technologies to drive innovation and reshape the business landscape.
Now, let's reflect on the insightful presentations lined up for this special Alibaba Cloud segment:
Bridge Song (Vice President, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International):
Bridge Song illuminated us with the latest digital trends and profound insights derived from serving a broad range of customers across the Asia Pacific region. He showcased how Alibaba Cloud has empowered thousands of clients across diverse industries within this vibrant market, setting the stage for a transformative journey in cloud technology.


Aric Zhao (Head of Cloud, DFS Global IT):
Aric Zhao, representing DFS, the world's leading luxury travel retailer, shared the Best Practices of Cloud Transformation. Aric revealed how DFS harnesses cloud technologies to continuously enhance personalized experiences for its clientele, offering valuable insights into optimizing cloud strategies for business success.


Hung Nguyen (Vice President of IBP, DP & Data Analytics, Global Cosmetics Brand):
Hung Nguyen delivered a keynote address on How Data Drives Innovation and Growth, showcasing Estée Lauder's global leadership in prestige beauty. He illustrated how data analytics play a pivotal role in propelling the company forward, offering valuable lessons for leveraging data-driven insights in driving business innovation.


Hankai Gu (Director of Solution Architect, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International):
Hankai Gu guided us through his vision of 'Journey to the Future Enterprise.' As AI becomes increasingly impactful and the world evolves rapidly, presenting both challenges and opportunities, Gu's insights offered a road-map for enterprises to navigate this transformative journey and thrive in the digital age.


These presentations were illuminating and inspiring, offering valuable perspectives on the intersection of technology and business innovation. We delved into the future of cloud transformation and digital excellence with Alibaba Cloud, paving the way for continued growth and innovation in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.
Panel Discussion: Accelerated Asia Digital Transformation and Innovation
In this dynamic panel session, industry experts delved into pivotal topics shaping digital transformation and innovation in the Asia-Pacific region. Discussions covered Challenges from Industry and Business Perspective, Cross-Border Collaboration, Leveraging Data for Digital Transformation, AI Innovation Development and Trends, and Building a Great Digital Organization Structure and Talent. Through insightful exchanges, attendees gained valuable insights into navigating the complexities of digital transformation and fostering innovation.They highlighted the importance of fostering a culture of innovation, attracting top talent, and developing digital capabilities to thrive in the digital age.
The panel session was moderated by Kyo, Chief Digital and Information Officer at H&H Group, this panel brought together diverse perspectives and expertise from:
Angelin Tan: MNC KA Business Development Director, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International
Rico Zhao: IT Integration Head of Boston Scientific-APAC
Ajith Gopinath: Director-Asia Middle East Africa Ingredients Procurement, Mondelez International
Ning Hua (Jason): Global IT Vice President and General Manager, DB Schenker IT Shared
Terry Lim: Digital Leader at a Famous Retail Brand
Through engaging discussions and practical insights
The panel aimed to catalyze actionable strategies and inspire organizations to embark on their digital transformation journey with confidence and purpose.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed partners whose unwavering support has been instrumental in making the 2024 ADIE a resounding success.

Supporting Partners:

· Spark
· IT Knowledge Zone
· Miramar Global

Official Media Partner:
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Your commitment to excellence and dedication to fostering innovation have played a pivotal role in advancing our shared mission of driving digital transformation and shaping the future of technology in the Asia-Pacific region. We are deeply grateful for your invaluable contributions and look forward to continued collaboration and success in the future.

On March 15th, our participants embarked on a captivating journey:

Here was our visiting schedule on March 15:

08:30 Gather at the lobby of Pan Pacific Hotel on Orchard Road.

08:30-09:00 Bus transfer to visit the company Boomi.

09:00-10:30 Visit & exchange at Boomi - AI theme.

10:30-10:45 Depart from Boomi to visit Palo Alto Networks.

10:45-12:30 Visit & exchange at Palo Alto Networks.

12:30-13:30 Lunch (at PA office).

13:30-14:00 Head to National University of Singapore.

14:00-15:30 Tour at National University of Singapore.

15:30-16:00 Head to Marina Bay Sands.

This exclusive tour provided an opportunity to engage directly with industry leaders, explore cutting-edge technologies, and gain valuable insights into the latest trends shaping the digital landscape. 
Looking ahead, we are excited to announce that the ADIE will continue its journey across Southeast Asia, with upcoming events planned in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and beyond. Additionally, mark your calendars for June 25th and 26th, 2024, when we will host the 10th edition of the CDIE in Shanghai, China. We extend our invitation to CxOs and enterprises from Southeast Asia and beyond to join us for these events, where they can participate, exchange ideas, and learn from one another in an environment conducive to collaboration and innovation.

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